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Well Equipped for a Secure Future

The technology suite that we employ is the cornerstone of how we provide peace of mind to those we serve. Technology is not only important in manufacturing and other industries, but it is also vital in the service industry. Advancements in technology help us ensure that every task and preventive action is completed on time for every client site. This results in saved resources and time, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations. Our proprietary technology usage is the key to how we deliver our services, run our business, build our employees’ skills, and fulfill our customer’s needs.

Our software provides our clients with real-time verification of activity and reports, and ensures that our teams have all the resources needed to achieve their responsibilities. Our technology is user friendly, flexible and scale-able, and since it is cloud base, it is available to you anytime and anywhere. Signal 88 Security’s technology suite is designed to elevate our services, to provide peace of mind for you and for your customers.

Our technology incorporates:

  • Web and Mobile Accessibility
  • Time and Schedule Management
  • GPS Track and Attendance
  • Security Operations
  • GPS
  • Maintenance and Incident Reports
  • Patrol Routing
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Activity Reporting and Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Business Reporting
  • Training and Career Development
  • Franchise Knowledge Resources
  • Apparel and Equipment Online Store
  • Support Tickets