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Commercial Security

Commercial Property Security

Overseeing the security for your commercial property can be a daunting task in ensuring your customers, employees and valuable company data is safe and secure.

Through Signal 88 Security’s commercial property security, our locally-owned franchises are able to provide your company with the peace of mind it deserves by assessing and developing a security solution built to address your company’s needs


Signal 88 commercial security

Dedicated security and concierge services

When a 24/7 presence is a must-have, you can trust Signal 88 Security to provide peace of mind for employees, guests, and yourself. Professional staff provide the peace of mind and polished image your business needs. The most prestigious commercial properties around the country have relied on Signal 88 for concierge-tier courtesy service, reducing vacancies and turnover. Signal 88 officers are trained in safety response and management — so when the unexpected happens, you can expect the best.

Signal 88 concierge services

Complete asset protection

You’ve designed a world-class brand experience for your clients. We’re here so your goods and customers stay inside the store where they belong. Signal 88’s calm and professional presence deters theft without deterring shoppers. Our custom app, 88Edge, includes GPS checkpoint tracking, photo + video reports, and other transparency features


Signal 88 commercial security

Alarm response

When the alarm sounds, every second matters. That’s why an alert is dispatched to the nearest available Signal 88 officer. Within minutes, the officer is on site to investigate. 98% of these cases are false alarms: strong winds, cleaning crews, or curious wildlife. Our response saves the property manager a midnight phone call because a bird hit the window. For the other times, Signal 88’s lightning-fast response means local authorities have the right information ASAP. In the end, officers file comprehensive digital reports so you and your team can rest easy. It’s value you’ll love with speed you won’t believe


Signal 88 alarm response

Protect your greatest resource: Employees

Do your staff or colleagues feel unsafe at work? How does that affect retention? Productivity? Job satisfaction? With Signal 88 Security, you can improve your company culture almost overnight. Whether your situation calls for parking lot patrols or full-time, vigilant guards, Signal 88 has the flexibility and expertise to provide peace of mind for each member of your team


Employee protection from Signal 88

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