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Signal 88 Security Annual Convention 2016

Franchise Ownership Testimonials

Owning our Signal 88 franchise has enabled us to have financial and personal freedom that we would never have experienced working in corporate America. We have never felt like we were in this alone with the stellar support of the Signal 88 Franchise Group as well as relationships with other Signal 88 franchise owners. It is obvious that it is the Franchise Group’s passion and mission is to see every Signal 88 franchise succeed in this business. As franchise owners we strive to show that same passion and mission to our employees as we work together to keep our community secure and safe.

We truly feel that being a part of the Signal 88 team is one of the best personal and business decisions we have ever made.

— Kris and Traci Withrow
Signal 88 Security of Wichita, KS


Signal 88 Security is a proven concept that works. The Signal 88 Franchise Group provides the necessary support each franchise needs for success. The business model allows the owner to concentrate on sales and operations. From the beginning, the Franchise Group has been with us every step of the way and is a valued partnership for us.

— Jeff Carlyle, Mark McClure, Rick Dunn
Signal 88 Security of Atlanta, GA and South Carolina


After 23 years as a law enforcement officer, I began to search for a business opportunity where I could put my experience to good use and found Signal 88 Security. During the due diligence process, I learned that Signal 88 was a very well-organized and innovative physical security company and I wanted to be a part of it.

I opened my first franchise in New Orleans in November of 2013. I was so impressed with the overall system and potential for growth that I partnered with my brother, Steve, to open a second franchise in Mobile, AL.

After a ton of hard work, and outstanding support from the Franchise Group, our growth has been unbelievable. By following the system put in place by the Franchise Group and surrounding ourselves with great people, we exceed our 5 year financial goals within the first 2 years. I am so grateful that I decided to become a part of the Signal 88 family, and I am excited for all of the great things the future has to hold.

— Donnie Saucier
Signal 88 Security of New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL


As an accountant and business owner, I was attracted to franchising and specifically Signal 88 for many reasons but here are my top two:

Culture – does the company/franchise you are going to partner with have a culture that you want to be part of and will nurture growth of you AND the franchise group? I reviewed a wide array of franchises and visited many before selecting Signal 88 Security as my partner. The culture here at Signal 88 is one of passion, honesty & integrity, relationships, serving and learning. I now know these are our CORE Values but I didn’t know that when I was interviewing Signal 88 but those CORE Values came through with every interaction I had, from the CEO to the officers, across the board I was again and again shown these values in our interactions. It is refreshing and a place I want to be part of.

Leadership & Growth – We are getting better every day. Looking back at our history and coming forward to today what I found is strong leadership and consistent growth, a clear vision of where we were and where we are going. Is everything perfect? Of course not, but it never is, what is remarkable is that you will have the personal support and respect to help you grow AND be part of a team you can help direct and improve.

— Sal DeRose
Signal 88 Security, Greater Philadelphia

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Tell us a bit about yourself and receive our report: Signal 88, A New Paradigm for Security & Entrepreneurship.

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