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Why Signal 88?

As a Signal 88 Security franchise owner, you bring peace of mind to your customers and your community, allowing them – and you – to pursue passion in life. For our franchise partners, Signal 88 becomes a way to achieve control over their lives and enables them to spend more time participating in what’s most meaningful to them. They represent a brand of true difference and meaning in the industry and in their communities.

Passion for their business, community, and family are key factors that drive the achievement of a Signal 88 franchise partner.

Along with the support of the corporate office, these elements combine to create what we believe is unstoppable momentum toward success.

The Industry

What do people really want from a security company? Peace of mind. Security matters to everyone who lives, works, plays, shops, and does business in our communities.

Security is a needed, recession-resistant service, thereby creating the opportunity for our franchise partners to build sustainable and scalable businesses.

We believe that through the services we provide, creating peace of mind is an opportunity without limits. It is an industry that our people are proud to be in.

The security industry is made up primarily of large, global competitors and local sole proprietors. This leaves a large gap in the middle, and this is where Signal 88 finds its unique niche. While many providers of security were founded decades ago, Signal 88 was born during the technology age. Accordingly, our modern service model is centered upon cutting-edge technology and the people who use it. This is a modern approach to a very old, but growing, industry. And we are achieving success!

Franchise Support

  • A proven Sales Process – our 5P Sales Process keeps your sales targeted and your leads engaged.
  • Modern Technology platform – our suite of systems helps produce accountability, effective personnel management, tracking of client data, and transparency.
  • A Model with tools to pinpoint efficiency drivers with an online knowledge base.
  • Billing and payroll processing at corporate so you can spend more time running and growing your business.
  • Supply Management – we are working with vendors for you to get the best pricing, highest quality, and fastest delivery of the products you need.
  • National Accounts – our dedicated team of account executives works with clients securing preferred or exclusive status, thereby greatly reducing the timeline of the sales process.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and receive our report: Signal 88, A New Paradigm for Security & Entrepreneurship.

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