Heroes Like You Franchise Referral Program

Do you know someone who has what it takes to become a Signal 88 franchise owner?  We need your help identifying passionate individuals like yourself that want to start a Signal 88 franchise.

As a franchise owner, you know what skills are needed to start your own Signal 88 franchise and what kind of person is needed to be successful in that role.  You also know how important building a brand is to your success and how other franchises that aren’t as qualified can deter your success.  That is why we need your help building the Signal 88 brand even more by helping us find quality people that can serve our communities and clients.

If you know someone who is qualified to start their own legacy, have them start by filling out the inquiry form on signal88franchise.com.  Be sure to tell them to select “referral” under the “how did you hear about us” section.  They can either write your name in the space below or email heroeslikeyou@signal88.com your contact’s information so we can put your name down as the referral.  We must have either you identified at the time they complete the CPP form or prior.  This is to ensure you receive credit for the referral while also allowing us to correctly track lead sources.

Once your referral becomes a franchise owner, you will receive a territory population reward for your franchise.

Program Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible, the candidate must list you as the referrer source on our website’s lead form or on the CPP application. You may also send the candidate’s contact information to us via email to heroeslikeyou@signal88.com any time prior to the CPP application being completed and we can reach out to your candidate that way.

Candidates who reach out because of our advertising efforts who you happen to know don’t quality you for territory. You must be an active ingredient in the candidate reach out to us, enough that you send us their information directly or they list you on their “Start Here” lead form or CPP application in Phase 1 of our mutual evaluation process.

25,000 population territory credit or $2,500 cash if referral becomes a signed and paid franchise owner. The territory pops will be issued via a territory expansion agreement, not as cash or other asset. If multiple parties are listed as referrer, the credit will be split evenly. Pop credit must be used within 12 months. Pops can only be used to expand existing territory under existing territory expansion guidelines (must be contiguous, etc.). See the Expansion Program terms and conditions. Pop credit is neither saleable or transferable under any condition.

Franchise Group reserves the right to modify or withdraw this program at their sole discretion, at any time. Franchise must have an active franchise agreement and be in good standing to quality. Other restrictions may apply.