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Hotel Security

Hotel Security

As the general manager of your hotel property, it’s important that you’re providing your guests the best experience possible through their stay.

At Signal 88 Security, our locally-owned franchises can work with you to build out a custom security solution that addresses your hotel’s needs, ensuring your guests have a safe and secure stay. Services can include; exterior foot patrols, nightly parking lot patrols, event security and pool checks.

Hotel Security Services

Exterior foot patrols

Outside doors propped open create a security risk for your property and your guests. Overflowing trash makes a bad first impression for guests. In today’s competitive hotel industry, you can’t afford to hope for the best. With Signal 88’s foot patrols, your property will be in great hands. Vigilant officers check the problem areas you identify, resolve problems they find, and report it all to you and your team. So while you’re providing outstanding service inside the hotel, we’ll provide the peace of mind outside it.

Hotel Security Services

Nightly parking lot patrols

Signal 88 Security officers in high-visibility vehicles offer hotels parking lot security at a great value. Officers scan the parking areas looking for crime, maintenance issues, burnt-out lights, or other hazards. Equipped with high-visibility graphics and orange LED light bars, Signal 88’s patrol SUVs create a deterrent effect against crime. Flexible for your unique needs, patrols can be scheduled at regular or random intervals. You can give yourself and your guests peace of mind by partnering with Signal 88 Security.

Signal 88 Hotel Foot Patrols

Event security at a five-star value

We understand how important event opportunities are for your hotel. We also understand the role played by professional event planners in bringing business back to your property. Signal 88 is ready to be the lowest-stress part of your event. We provide high-visibility, high-courtesy security service for conventions, weddings, trade shows, and more. Our local teams of experts will listen to your needs and come equipped to provide you and your guests with peace of mind.

Signal 88 Hotel Event Security

Reliable pool check

Trust Signal 88 to secure your hotel’s pool after hours. Patrol officers ensure each door and gate is locked and alarms are set. Our service is a line of defense against accidents and reduces your liability. Your reduced insurance premiums might even pay for our expert services! With high-tech reporting capabilities, Signal 88 patrollers can also keep an eye out for obvious maintenance issues and alert the appropriate staff. Your pool is a major asset and a major target for bad luck. Protect it with the best security possible.

Signal 88 Hotel Pool Patrols

Peace of mind for overnight staff

Hotel employees go the extra mile to give guests first-class treatment. But when a trespasser comes through the door or a guest is out of control, a quiet evening can turn into a scary situation. Give your front-line workers peace of mind with overnight patrol check-ins from Signal 88 Security. You know your property better than anyone — that’s why we work closely with you to tailor our service to your precise needs. Put your nighttime fears to rest by teaming with Signal 88 Security.

Signal 88 hotel staff security

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