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Did you lock the gate?

It’s the first of the year. While you celebrate all of your accomplishments of 2018 and get ready to conquer more goals in 2019, you still have “update security assessment” on your to do list. You know it’s important but really just can’t seem to get it done. Besides, why worry when things are going well. You inherited a security plan from your predecessor and it seems to be working. That plan is only three years old and it should be good; right? You’ve only changed a few things to your facility so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Well, let’s hope and hope is not the best security plan.

We hear the above scenario played out frequently. Anywhere from I wish I would have updated my plan to I need to be proactive starting today. In the above scenario a three year old plan is just that, it’s dated. While the foundation of the plan is probably fundamental, you have to ask what has changed? For example, ask yourself the following things, did you add or change buildings, did your landscape change, exterior lighting inspections, etc.

I was recently at a client in which we do event security a couple times a year. This is a great client and he understands the value security has at his events. He asked me to do a security assessment at some of his facilities he manages daily throughout the county. He wanted a quote on a couple of security options. Throughout last year, he claimed he was having some equipment stolen, unauthorized access after-hours, and criminal damage. Sure, glad to do it.

When I arrived at the first facility, three things stood out before I got out of my truck. The gate was wide open, the maintenance fence was exposed, and the flatbed landscape trailer was not locked. I asked him do you lock the gate every day? He and his maintenance guy looked at me like I asked a really hard question. They both answered with an uneasy laugh and said “NO, we don’t have time and we have to unlock it if we lock it.” Now, I don’t think they liked me asking the question, but they needed to hear it. It’s like going to the gym or doctor and not liking what they say after an assessment. You have to start with some basics and some self-help. Lock the gate, put up some privacy screening up on your fence, and buy a receiver hitch lock for the trailer. This cost about 100.00 of material. Will it solve all the world’s problems? No. But, I just established a mindset such as doing a regular inspection, and fixing some of the oblivious things. These little things help keep an honest man honest and hopefully cut down on crime of opportunity.

As I stated earlier, we hear the above like scenario played out often. Most property and facility managers think all is well because all is going well. Then, something happens or just little things like above are occurring and they are costing money and are a pain to deal with. You will be surprised what you uncover when you do a security assessment. I bet you will find ways on how to save money and possibly make money through the lens of security.

So what can you do for the New Year? Start with security assessment on a regular basis. Put it on your calendar at minimum once a year and most quarterly. Just like you change the oil or go to the gym, it’s all about a rhythm and establishing the culture. OK, so how do I do it without costing me money and my precious time? Here are two ways. Number one; do it in house by establishing a security committee to do it and give you a simple report. Make it fun. Take the team out to lunch and have them give you an update on their assessment. Number two; call a security professional to do it for you. Most companies will do it for free. Plus, they see the property differently as they are not there every day. They may find the simple things such as are you locking the gate?

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