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Rideshare Reminders: Commute with Peace of Mind

February 20, 2020

There was once a time where we were told by our parents to never get into a strangers car or meet up with people you found on the internet. Well, long gone are those days. Popular ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have made it easier than ever to get where you're going by literally getting into a stranger’s car and using the internet to do so. While even just a few years ago the concept would have sent our parents into panic mode, these revolutionary apps have changed the way we get from point A to point B. Thanks in large part to their convenience and less costly prices compared to traditional taxi cabs, ridesharing has become part of the new standard in modern day commuting.

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Emergency Response for the Emergency Room

February 06, 2020

A hospital’s number one priority should be providing top notch patient care. Time spent by hospital staff should be on diagnosing ailments, not worrying about external forces that could impact their ability to treat patients. Luckily, with some prior planning, and an accountable, experienced security partner, many of the issues currently facing emergency rooms can be avoided.

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Peace of Mind in Times of Crisis: Emergency Preparedness in the Wake of Natural Disasters

January 23, 2020

Whether you own a business, other property, or only have your home to worry about, there is always the worry of your ability to protect your property in cases of natural disasters. In the wake of a natural disaster, many people try to take advantage of the situation, resulting in crimes like looting and fraud. This article holds key insight in preventative measures and the proper emergency response to minimize losses and protect your property.

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The New Standard in Providing Peace of Mind

January 08, 2020

When many people think of security, the first images that come to mind are that of officers in uniform, security guards stationed in front of doors, and security systems set up with cameras and alarms. What many people may not realize is that in most cases, this security is successfully provided by private companies, and their presence is growing.

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Holiday Travel: Securing Your Home While You're Away

December 19, 2019

Ahh December. The holidays are a wonderful time for seeing far away family and friends. When you’re away from your home, wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and secure?

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