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Signal 88 Security. World-class security, locally owned and operated.

At Signal 88 Security of Camden, NJ, we believe that it’s impossible to put a price tag on safety and peace of mind. As a comprehensive security service in Camden, NJ, our goal is to keep our clients safe and secure. Whether you’re looking to safeguard a high-profile establishment/property or simply to monitor a special event, our services are designed to address your needs and take worry and stress out of the equation.


Signal 88 Security of Camden, New Jersey was founded by Jeff Gural in October 2013. The Franchise offers a number of advanced private security options, which go well beyond the standard “security guard” stereotype. Customized services, including Roving Vehicle Patrols in well-marked SUVs as well as sustained, dedicated officer presence. We offer law enforcement and community-based security personnel, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide customized security services to the business community.

Mr. Gural is a retired Police Captain from New Jersey. He is also a Veteran of Iraq and was the lead Supervisor to the Afghanistan Police in the Investigative Surveillance Unit in Ghazni Afghanistan. He is a lifelong resident of Southern New Jersey.

New Jersey Security Agency License #1546