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Signal 88 Security. World-class security, locally owned and operated.

The vision of Signal 88 Security of Central Seattle is to provide a full suite of world-class and industry-leading security services for residential, commercial, retail, and institutional customers in Seattle, Washington because, quite simply, we believe safety is a basic human right and need.

The promise of Signal 88 Security of Central Seattle is to provide customized security services so that individuals, businesses, neighborhoods, and communities in Seattle can pursue their passions in life openly, freely, and joyfully. Without the freedom of feeling secure, our passions in life cannot be fully enjoyed.

This peace of mind comes from our proven philosophy and process.

Signal 88 provides a niche service in Seattle and we know that a single approach cannot be applied to every property in every situation. Our promise begins with first listening to your needs and learning your desired outcomes. This helps us to create a customized solution unique to your needs and the needs of your property and personnel. Next, we conduct a full site assessment which brings in the expertise and recommendations of our trained staff. We won’t propose a generic solution, but instead one that is tailored to your needs and desires.

Our reputation and feedback from our customers should speak for itself. Please contact Signal 88 Security of Central Seattle today to hear more about what we can do for you!

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