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How to protect your property from loitering and vagrancy

February 05, 2019

Businesses are under constant pressure to attract more customers, grow revenue, maintain a brand image, keep employees happy, and much more. These problems have a variety of solutions and can be complex in nature, however, one overarching issue that affects all of these concerns is the feeling of being unsafe or uncomfortable on property. If customers or employees feel this way on property, it can lead to them avoiding that place of business, resulting in less revenue, a negative view of the company, and employees leaving for a different company culture.

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Convenience Stores: A 24-hour opportunity

December 12, 2018

Convenience Stores: A 24-hour opportunity…for both customers and vandals.

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Security 101: Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Season

November 06, 2018

It seems the holiday season starts earlier each year. This fall, our Halloween candy was hardly finished before Christmas lights appeared. Amid the ever-expanding holiday hustle, it’s a good idea to review some safety tips to ensure peace of mind all winter long.

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7 Common Misconceptions about Apartment Security

October 02, 2018

Since we launched in 2003, Signal 88 has worked with a lot of apartment managers.

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Security 101: Campus Parking Safety

August 03, 2018

As we roll into August, so do students across the country as they return to their respectful college campuses to begin the school year. With a large congregation of cars on college campuses, it can present an opportunity for local vandals to seize the chance to find a student's valuables within their grasp. 

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