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The Top 4 Ways Signal 88 Enforces Your HOA's CC&Rs

April 30, 2018

If you’re in charge of a homeowner’s association, you have a tough job!

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When the Worst Happens, Your HOA Can Count on Signal 88

April 19, 2018

How many people in your neighborhood smoke?

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How Signal 88’s Game-Changing Transparency Protects Your Property

March 01, 2018

Signal 88 has a pretty simple philosophy: Planning and prevention are integral to peace of mind. Our officers are continually searching for upkeep issues, hazardous conditions, or other situations that endanger the safety of your property and the people inside.

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Does Employee Safety Come First? Why Signal 88 Security is the Best Choice to Protect Your Staff

February 13, 2018

Unemployment rates in the United States have fallen to record lows. This is good news for the economy but strains businesses competing to attract and keep quality workers. Employee retention can be a big investment, but these efforts typically focus on wages, benefits, and work/life balance. Have you considered employees' safety as part of your overall retention strategy?

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How Mobile Patrols Can Provide a Proactive Security Solution for Your Commercial Property

February 06, 2018

Put yourself in the shoes of a vandal for a moment: It's 10:30 on a sultry summer night. You're preparing to smash some windows at an office building down the road. You'll probably check inside the cars in the lot, too, for anything worth stealing.

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