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Partnering with Properties' Courtesy Officers

July 24, 2019

Courtesy officers are an important position for many apartment communities. Although their responsibilities vary depending on the property, their main purpose is to provide an extra set of eyes and ears for safety concerns. Many property managers assume that this role is a replacement for security, when in reality, courtesy officers are better served as a supplement to security. Here’s why:

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As Temperatures Increase, So Do Opportunities for Crime

June 13, 2019

For most people, summer is the time of year to look forward to. Nice weather, long days at the pool, and no school! However, for law enforcement, summer means more issues and more crime. Without additional resources, law enforcement and property owners rely on private security to fill in the gaps.

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The Power of Local Business

May 08, 2019

Big brands with big money have changed the shopping habits of consumers over the years, seeking convenience and low prices.  However, with the emergence and accessibility of the internet, consumers are slowly moving back to supporting local businesses.  The digital age has allowed small businesses to compete with big corporations by having a brand presence online, allowing consumers to order their products from home, and spreading word of mouth easily.  But why should businesses and consumers choose to do business with local companies?

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5 Tips to Consider for Event Security

April 26, 2019

Event planning is stressful, especially when thousands of people are expecting to be entertained. Planners need to decide on a venue, schedule, logistics, speakers, food, drinks, and many more considerations.

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Why security experience matters

April 10, 2019

A retired military officer with over 23 years of experience of service in the U.S. Air Force and Army, who specialized in special operations communities and led United State's counter-terrorism operations overseas. 

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