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Signal 88 Security. World-class security, locally owned and operated.

Signal 88 Security of Omaha was recently purchased by local residents Aaron Mattea and Kyle Kruse in December 2017. Aaron opened his first Signal 88 Security in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2014 and recently partnered with Kyle Kruse to expand their operation into Omaha and Lincoln. The local company provides a revolutionary, new concept to Omaha’s private security industry. Mattea’s years of military and contracted security experience enable Signal 88 to create individualized security plans for a wide variety of businesses and residences in Omaha and the surrounding area. Additionally, Signal 88 Security of Omaha uses state-of-the art technology to provide dependable, quality service at a competitive price.

Aaron Mattea is seven-year veteran in armed security services, which includes four years of service for the United States Army, completion of two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and three years working as a civilian security contractor. His deployment experience includes maintaining the personal security assignment of high-ranking government officials. Since 2010, Mattea’s been employed by three of the world’s largest security companies, serving as a team leader for a quick response team and providing contracted security services around the globe.

Similar to Aaron Mattea, Kyle Kruse is also a military veteran having spent 64 months deployed to a theater of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan. While in the military, Kruse was also part of the USMC Flee Anti Terrorism Security Team for four years, the US State Department and Department of Defense Security Contractor for eight years, and was the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Armed Security Adversary Team Leader for three years. During Hurricane Katrina, Kruse was part of the US OCONUS project as a New Orleans Federal Special Police Officer.

Signal 88 Security of Omaha is part of the national franchise group, Signal 88 Security, founded in Omaha, Nebraska by law enforcement professionals in 2003. In Nebraska police code, Signal 88 means “situation secure.” The mission of the Signal 88 Security organization is to revolutionize and establish a higher standard of professionalism in the security industry.

Customized Security
Signal 88 Security of Omaha provides its clients with many options for protecting their property, personnel and assets. Its well-marked, highly-visible patrol vehicles conduct roving patrol services. Dedicated site security is available as appropriate and Signal 88 Security of Omaha’s security solutions can also be customized for special events, foot patrol, pool lock-ups, guard shack services, and controlled access. Contact Signal 88 Security of Omaha to create an effective strategy for your home or business.

Roving Patrols
Signal 88 Security of Omaha’s roving patrol vehicles are the strongest visual deterrent available within the private security industry. Each sports utility vehicle is outfitted with eye-catching graphics, LED lighting, and the latest WiFi communications technology. Patrol officers are able to create immediate reports and are available to respond to situations as necessary.

Signal 88 Security of Omaha’s randomized patrol services are the most cost-effective method of providing security at one or multiple client sites, including shopping malls, shopping centers, hotels and apartment complexes. GPS-tracked vehicles, with time and date stamped electronic reports provide peace of mind and verification. Patrol officers are able to lookout for possible issues, as well as deliver the following:

  • Maintenance: Lighting, Waste, and Irrigation Assessments
  • Access Control Services
  • Facilities Checks: Offices, Pools, Fitness Facilities, Laundry Facilities, etc.
  • Disturbance and Alarm Response
  • Dedicated Services

In circumstances where a constant security presence is preferred, Signal 88 Security’s dedicated officers can provide on-site security services around the clock. Its dedicated officers are highly trained and highly visible and can be a crime deterrent at schools, hospitals, events and retail locations. Dedicated officers can conduct foot patrols, respond to situations as needed and provide face-to-face contact for customers, residents and employees.

Quality Signal 88 Security Officers
Signal 88’s Security of Omaha’s personnel selection process maintains quality standards for each of its officers. All candidates pass an extensive interview process and background investigation, with a comprehensive criminal history check and immediate and ongoing drug tests. Upon selection, every officer completes a series of accredited training coursework endorsed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). The comprehensive 12-part active learning system provides the latest instruction in safety and security methods, emergency preparedness, effective communications, report writing, ethical conduct, use of force and crime prevention. Additionally, Signal 88 Security of Omaha provides its officers with many opportunities to continue personal development through ongoing training.

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