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Construction Security Services

The Importance of Hiring Security for Your Construction Site

October 26, 2020

Construction sites present many security concerns and challenges. Protect against the financial loss of theft and vandalism by having a security plan in place for your construction site. Why Do Construction Sites Need Security? Theft is all too common on construction sites costing companies significant time and money. According to the National Equipment Register, construction […]

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Courtesy Patrol for Your Community

5 Ways a Courtesy Patrol Helps Your Community’s Budget

September 29, 2020

Budgeting season is always a hectic time for community managers. As you plan your annual budget for 2021, keep in mind that lowering security risks can ultimately save your community money. Here are five ways a courtesy patrol helps your budget. 1. Reduce Property Damage Costs Damage to common areas, such as lobbies and pools, […]

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Community Courtesy Patrol Helps Reduce Renter Turnover

The Cost of Resident Turnover

August 25, 2020

All community managers deal with the cost of resident turnover which can be a large expense that financially hurts your bottom line and takes up your time. When a resident leaves your community, there are numerous costs incurred including repair and cleaning costs to maintain the unit, marketing expenses to find another qualified resident, application […]

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Apartment Community

Pennsylvania Extends Eviction Moratorium to End of August

July 16, 2020

Eviction Moratorium: What Could Go Wrong? A simple answer to that question, many things. Those of us in the apartment industry know that one of our least favorite functions and duties is the inevitable reality of needing to evict a resident. The vast majority of community management teams never make this decision lightly and do […]

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Roving Security Patrol Security Services

10 Reasons Why Your Community Needs a Courtesy Patrol

June 23, 2020

As a community manager, you are responsible for entire residential communities. Selecting the right security can be overwhelming. One in five residents moves out of a community because of security issues so it is important for your community to have a security plan that makes residents feel safe. Courtesy patrols are a nice amenity and […]

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