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Why Cleveland Needs Smarter Hotel Security

December 8, 2017

Hotel security is a hot topic in the hospitality industry. Over the past decade, hotels have been targeted by global terrorist organizations with increasing frequency. Cybercrime has emerged as a serious threat to major chains and boutique hotels alike. Nationwide scrutiny and safety concerns have loomed large in the wake of the September, 2017, attack at […]

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9 Keys to Effective Industrial Security in Cleveland, OH

November 13, 2017

No one understands the role of industrial security in Cleveland like the team at Signal 88 of West Cleveland. We know how important security can be to industrial properties in the Cleveland metro area, and we know what kind of safeguards these properties need to shield themselves from modern security threats. If you operate a storage, […]

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Neighborhood Security in Cleveland: 3 Options for HOAs

October 16, 2017

At Signal 88 of West Cleveland, we often work with local homeowners’ associations (HOAs) on solutions to neighborhood security in Greater Cleveland. With concerns over neighborhood safety on the rise across America, we believe it’s vital that Cleveland’s HOAs have access to the information, resources, and services they need for a safe and secure community. […]

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