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Vehicle Patrol Tours
Our flagship service features randomized patrols, in well-marked vehicles, for the ultimate in visual deterrence.
Community Based Dedicated Security
Highly-visible guards provide crime deterrence and peace of mind for multi-family residential communities, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. Our roving mobile patrol supervisors regularly visit our dedicated security personnel at their posts to provide ongoing training and support, ensure policy compliance, and assist in emergencies.
Event Security
From stadiums to community events, uniformed security guards provide peace of mind for organizers and attendees. Our team can assist with access control and screening, crowd and parking management, perimeter protection, and VIP escorts/security.
Pool Lockups
Our team can prevent entry outside posted pool hours for safety and security.
Door Checks
Our team can ensure that entrances and exits are properly secured, limiting access after-hours or during specific times as required.
Concierge Services
Property managers, residents, and condominium board members all deserve the peace of mind that our prestige concierge staff bring. They are the first people seen when entering a condominium; their image represents the community. Our condominium concierges provide a personal touch for residents, guests, and visitors, attend to security matters and provide exceptional “front desk” customer service. With their familiarity of their assigned location, they can be the first to notice signs of security issues, and are a support for Property Managers and Boards of Directors. Our roving mobile patrol supervisors regularly visit concierge security personnel at their posts to provide ongoing training and support, ensure policy compliance, and assist in emergencies. We can also support you with additional staff during moves, special events, scheduled and emergency maintenance.
Alarm Response
Our roving patrols team can provide response to security alarm calls, which decreases the likelihood of theft, property damage or other loss.
Hotel and Resort Security
Our team can provide door service, concierge, lobby presence, internal walkthroughs, external patrols, VIP escorts, and pool checks to support your staff and ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay. Whether it is our roving patrols, dedicated staff, or special event team, we can provide that peace of mind on a daily basis, or for those sports tournaments, conventions, weddings, etc.
Fire Watch
Whether it is an emergency or scheduled outage of your life safety equipment (fire doors, fire alarm system, sprinklers), we can assist in protecting your residents and property by providing trained fire watch personnel. For high value construction/renovation projects such as churches, museums, historical buildings, our team can bring FLIR technology to detect hotspots behind walls, identifying risks in the early stages.
Parking Management
Our teams provide parking monitoring and enforcement for private parking lots in compliance with municipal bylaws, park and pay, and visitor parking programs.

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