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School Security

School Security

Allow your students and staff to learn and grow in a safe and secure environment.

Our students are the building blocks for the future and we need to provide them with the right environments to learn and grow into their dreams. We also need to let our teachers mold our youth in a peaceful state of mind. Our franchise owners who are invested in providing peace of mind for their community, can build your school a custom security solution so students and staff can have peace of mind


Signal 88 School Security

Overnight campus patrols

When the final bell sounds and staff have gone home, who remains to secure your school campus? Administrators have loved partnering with Signal 88 Security for after-hours school patrol checks. Alert officers in high-profile SUVs scout the grounds for loitering, vandalism, and other unauthorized activity. Door checks or foot patrols are great options for ensuring a safe learning environment when students arrive the next morning. We do our homework, too — after each patrol, you receive a comprehensive digital report with photo and video supplements. It’s A+ security with A+ value


Signal 88 Dedicated School Security

Collaborative parking management

School communities should focus on learning and achievement, not wondering where to park. When parking is tight, things can get chaotic quickly. Signal 88 is here to bring peace of mind to the parking lot in a collaborative and constructive way.

With license plate readers and other cutting-edge technology, Signal 88 can quickly identify who’s authorized to park on campus and who’s not. Students or staff can be referred to school administrators — towing your own students is a bad look — while unauthorized violators can be ticketed or Barnacled


Signal 88 Mobile School Patrols

Event security

We understand events are challenging for school administrators — lots of new faces on campus enough eyes to keep them safe. Whether you’re hosting the school play or the state championship, Signal 88 Security is here to create peace of mind for you and your visitors. Trained, courteous officers provide traffic or pedestrian assistance, bag checks, or crowd control service, all while keeping a watchful eye over your facilities. It’s security you can trust with the flexibility you need.

School Security Patrols

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