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Don’t Throw Away The Chicken

I grew up eating lots of chicken and became fond of the grilled chicken sandwich. Over the years, I sought out restaurants claiming they have the best. Best sauce, best price, best bun, you get the idea. Also, I have a few pretty good recipes myself. Recently, I was in a restaurant. It had a great atmosphere, awesome reviews, great service, and their grilled chicken sandwich was displayed on the menu as a featured item so I had to give it a try. The waitress said I would love it. A few minutes later, she brought it to me. The sandwich had a great bun and the chicken looked delicious and juicy with all the trimmings. I was ready to go. I took the first bite and bam! It was like eating rubber. I had to make a decision, not eat, send it back, get mad at the chef, get upset at the waitress, or all of the above. It all crossed my mind, but I said wait. This restaurant had great reviews, great atmosphere, great service, and a beautifully arranged chicken sandwich on my plate. So, I decided to give it another bite. This was one of the best chicken sandwiches ever! Needless to say, I will be back. Had I not tried another bite, I would have never found my favorite sandwich.

Never give up on the chicken sandwich! When you agonize finding a service provider, working all the details of the contract in which you will not forecast every aspect and negotiating price, it’s possible there will be some rough bites of chicken after the meal is served. I don’t think the service provider gets together with their team and orchestrates how they can make the chicken sandwich bad as they are probably too busy. The owner wants to provide you with the best chicken sandwich with all the value adds, the Leadership Team is cooking the best plan possible, and the Team Member is doing his best to provide you with the service. And yes, there will be some bad bites especially with a daily service provider.

When your service provider gives you a bad bite for the day, by all means let them know. You might be eating the chicken sandwich wrong. If you can get through those rough bites along the way, you might be eating the best chicken sandwich ever. Take the rough bites together and build a better chicken sandwich.

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