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Emergency Response Training from Signal 88 Security of El Paso

In today’s world unpredictable events can happen in an instant, as we saw recently with the tragic events that took place in California. We like to think that these type of issues will never happen to us or our business. But these unfortunate events can come without warning no matter where you are at.

You should always think of how you and your organization would respond to any potential catastrophic event. If this is not something that you are comfortable discussing, ensure that you invite your security partner in to facilitate.

Here at Signal 88 Security of El Paso, we will spend the necessary time to explain how to be prepared. We are able to provide your organization emergency response training for the following; active shooter, aggravated assault, robberies, home and business invasions, hostile workers, suicidal situations and many more.

We will train, train, and train again. Rehearse until it is muscle movement.

To schedule your emergency response training give us a call at 915-996-0313.

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