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Getting back to the basics of security

It seems that our lives get more hectic by the minute these days. I’ve been doing some reading on the topic and it is obviously a choice made by individuals as to how they live their life. Some folks are now deciding to sell everything they have and choose a simpler life as others like the daily charge of keeping pace with the “Jones.”

The thing that I found not to change a lot was the idea of getting back to the basics of security in whatever lifestyle you live or business that you run. Our best defense is still that human being that ensures that doors are locked on the house, car or business at the end of each day. It is that human being that pays attention to changes on a daily basis to the environment in which he or she operates in. You get the idea of ensuring the basics are done daily. It’s a habit called “doing routine things routinely” that will build a habit of keeping our families, friends and loved ones safe.

I don’t think that the security or risk landscape will ever minimize to the days that we once knew. What I do know is that if we develop good practices of safety and security on a daily basis that the potentials of wrong doing will lessen.

– Chris Woody, Owner of Signal 88 Security of El Paso

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