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Want to Increase the Occupancy Rate on Your Multifamily Property?

As an owner or manager of multi-unit housing, you know the importance of finding good residents. Once you have them, it’s just as important to keep those good residents!

Sometimes I see managers overlooking the simple things that could be “turning off” potential and current residents.

Below are a few common problem areas we often encounter to help tidy up the business.


Dumpsters that are allowed to run over every weekend become a feeding ground for stray animals. Stray animals bring disease and solid waste that no one wants. Everybody’s budgets are tight, but this is no place to skimp.

Maintenance Issues

Ensure all maintenance issues are being fixed in a timely way. Not much irritates a resident more than slow response times from maintenance. I get it — some folks whine about every little thing. It comes with the territory. For the rest of your residents, fast fixes mean happy


Make sure that every light works all the time. A dark parking lot is “no bueno,” period. You are just asking for some trouble to happen in an unlit alley, walk-thru or parking lot. To bad guys, a burnt-out light is a shining opportunity.

General cleanliness

Last but not least, your property’s “curb appeal” can change drastically if you don’t have a plan to ensure that the place stays clean. Dirty sidewalks, dank hallways, creepy staircases, smudgy windows, poor signage, overgrown landscaping, and oil-stained parking lots are just a few things that will ensure that potential residents drive right by your property to the next one.

At Signal 88 Security, we want to be your teammates and help you stay on top of these things as we see them. Normally, we are on property during hours of darkness and act as a second set of eyes for your management team.

Call us today at 915-996-0313 to schedule a free on-site consultation and learn more about our cost-effective, professional services.

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