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5 Ways a Courtesy Patrol Helps Your Community’s Budget

Courtesy Patrol for Your Community

Budgeting season is always a hectic time for community managers. As you plan your annual budget for 2021, keep in mind that lowering security risks can ultimately save your community money. Here are five ways a courtesy patrol helps your budget.

1. Reduce Property Damage Costs

Damage to common areas, such as lobbies and pools, does happen. A courtesy patrol schedules regular lockups and random pool and building checks to make sure the area is secure and rules are followed which in turn reduces the risk of damage to your property.

2. Reduce Turnover

Courtesy patrols are becoming common amenities in many communities to retain and attract residents. Did you know that reducing resident turnover by just one unit a month can potentially pay for the monthly cost of a courtesy patrol service? Not only do you reduce security issues in your community and give residents peace of mind, but it may even help your bottom line.

3. Reduce Unnecessary Maintenance Calls

A courtesy patrol handles maintenance calls for you. All calls are documented so you have a full record. Over the year, this frees up hours of valuable time for you and your staff. The extra time you save lets you focus on more important responsibilities such as managing the property and following up with prospective residents to increase occupancy.

4. Deter Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is not only an unsightly mess in your community, but an unexpected expense to have the trash removed. It’s also a waste of your time to deal with the issue. A courtesy patrol is a visual, on-site presence to discourage illegal dumping on your property.

5. Reduce Parking Violations

A courtesy patrol can be scheduled to patrol your community and deter parking violations, unauthorized visitors, and car break-ins. Parking lots are often your residents’ first impression when coming home and the last impression as they leave. Having safe and secure parking lots increases their peace of mind and in turn your community’s occupancy rate.

We understand budgeting season is a tough time of the year. Contact Jim Pio for a custom assessment of your property to determine if a courtesy patrol service helps your community’s bottom line.

Signal 88 Security of Philadelphia is a world-class, industry-leading security services company for residential, commercial, retail, and institutional customers. We provide customized security solutions including roving vehicle patrols, door checks, pool lockups, and emergency response.

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