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9 Keys to Effective Industrial Security in Philadelphia, PA

Industrial facilities are some of the most vulnerable and frequently targeted properties for security breaches. If you own or operate an industrial property in the Greater Philadelphia area, a high level of industrial security is crucial.

Below, the team at Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia outlines nine key elements to effective security for industrial properties in the Philadelphia area.

  1. Industry Threats. Different industries and types of facilities face different threats. Whether you’re at highest risk of material theft, intellectual property theft, vandalism, or targeted property damage will depend on your sector and your business. An effective security plan will recognize the greatest risks to your property and put systems in place to deter those threats.
  2. Local Threats. Local considerations affect industrial security in the Greater Philadelphia area. Climate, geography, nearby infrastructure, regulations, and local trends in criminal activity should all be considered in your approach to security services.
  3. Site Assessment. Effective industrial security in Philadelphia requires a highly detailed, fully customized approach for every property. Your business will need a detailed security assessment by a company with the expertise and experience to recognize threats to your property, identify security vulnerabilities, and develop a comprehensive plan to secure your facility.
  4. Perimeter Protection. Industrial facilities have larger footprints than other types of properties. That makes perimeter control much more difficult and costly. Chain-link fencing, barbed wire, lighting, and regular patrols all play a role in perimeter protection.
  5. Access Management. Doors, gates, and other entry points need special attention when assessing the security of your property. Today, the most effective access management systems combine onsite personnel with magnetic card reader systems.
  6. CCTV Surveillance. On its own, CCTV surveillance is a poor deterrent against criminal acts, but that changes when footage is monitored by security personnel. In the event of burglary, trespassing, vandalism, or another criminal act, CCTV footage is crucial for investigation and insurance reasons.
  7. Alarm Systems. Every industrial property should have a robust alarm system as part of its security plan. Modern advancements in sensors, notifications, and response time have made these systems indispensable.
  8. Visual Deterrent. Security personnel remain the most effective visual deterrent against criminal elements. Mobile patrol security is the most cost-effective choice for industrial security in Philadelphia, providing randomized patrols in highly visible vehicles.
  9. Rapid Response. In the event of a security breach, it’s important that you, your management team, your workforce, and your security provider not only know how to react, but how to react quickly. Modern technology, like the 88 Edge® system used by Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia, allow for near-instant response to practically any industrial security threat.

indsutrial security in greater philadelphia

Industrial Security Services in Greater Philadelphia

Bring exceptional deterrence and defense to your property with industrial security services from Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia. Our team offers the experience, resources, and expertise your business needs to safeguard your facility against criminal elements. We provide industrial security to properties in Philadelphia, Bensalem, King of Prussia, Fort Washington, Norristown, and other surrounding communities.

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