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Mobile Security in Greater Philadelphia

Mobile security services by Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia offer a smarter, more effective, and more budget-friendly choice for crime deterrence on your property. Our mobile security services keep properties throughout greater Philadelphia protected. Our services cover residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities including Bensalem, King of Prussia, Fort Washington, and Norristown, PA.

Thanks to superior training, state-of-the-art technology, and proven security procedures, we’ve become the greater Philadelphia area’s leaders in mobile security.

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Philadelphia’s Choice for Mobile Security

When property managers in the greater Philadelphia area need help keeping their properties secure, they turn to our mobile security services. Our mobile security program allows you to focus on the aspects of property management that demand your foremost attention. With Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia, your property will receive the deterrence measures it needs, without having to add a full-fledged security staff to your payroll.

Key advantages to mobile security:

  • Mobile patrol security from Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia is more budget-friendly than traditional security services.
  • We offer customized plans, making it easy to add security services as needed for your property.
  • Our roving vehicles are highly-visible in both daylight and nighttime conditions, offering an unmissable visual deterrent to trespassers and criminals.
  • We randomize our roving patrol schedules, making it impossible for criminals to predict when a patrol might occur.
  • Our security vehicles respond quickly when needed, arriving within just a few minutes of incoming calls.

Why Choose Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia

Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia offers an approach to mobile security that you will not find with any other local company. Our commitment to honesty, integrity, and accountability is bolstered by our use of cutting-edge, cloud-based technology, making us the greater Philadelphia area’s clear choice for mobile security services.

  • We are a locally owned and operated mobile security service, offering the level of personal service and responsiveness that property owners in the greater Philadelphia area need and expect.
  • Our proprietary 88 Edge® platform offers a number of key technological integrations, including GPS tracking of our mobile patrol vehicles, real-time cloud-based occurrence reports, and digital mapping of patrol responsibilities.
  • We are committed to providing the security services your property needs, creating a customized service plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Schedule a free estimate for mobile security with Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia by calling (610) 489-1890 today.

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