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Neighborhood Security in Philadelphia: Your HOA’s Options

If you’re part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) in Philadelphia or one of its suburbs, neighborhood security is likely near or at the top of your agenda each meeting. Everyone deserves the chance to live in a place where they feel safe, and where they don’t need to worry about the safety for their property or loved ones. A strong neighborhood security presence is crucial if that’s to be the case.

At Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia, neighborhood security is just as important to us as it is to you. Signal 88 was founded in 2003 with a vision that recognized safety is a basic human right. We take pride in safeguarding that right for Philadelphia residents, businesses, and institution, and we are committed to making Philadelphia a safer place to live.

To help you keep your neighborhood safer and more secure, our team has collected core facts and key tips on three popular options for neighborhood security in Philadelphia.

Neighborhood CCTV Security

  • PROS: Ongoing surveillance; one-time cost.
  • CONS: Poor deterrence; false sense of security; often expensive.

Installing CCTV cameras is one of the most popular neighbor security options for Philadelphia-area HOAs. Unfortunately, CCTV cameras often provide a false sense of security without further levels of security. Most criminals aren’t deterred by CCTV cameras, so unless you have someone monitoring camera feeds at all times, they don’t really offer protection, just evidence if a crime is committed.

Signal 88 members providing neighborhood security watch in a neighborhood.

HOA Neighborhood Watch

  • PROS: Free to implement; community-driven; proven deterrent.
  • CONS: Big time investment; lack of training; not ideal in all neighborhoods.

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans live somewhere covered by a neighborhood watch program. Their popularity is understandable: a neighborhood watch is free, it brings community together, and studies have found they reduce crime by about 15% on average. However, they aren’t perfect. The money a community saves is offset by the time lost and conducting watch activities. It also means security is in untrained hands. And in truly dangerous areas, citizens are often reluctant to put themselves in harm’s way.

Professional Neighborhood Security

  • PROS: Highest level of deterrence; professional services; advanced systems.
  • CONS: Cost-prohibitive for some neighborhoods; ongoing cost.

Increasingly, Philadelphia HOAs are considering professional neighborhood security services, which provide the highest level of deterrence thanks to professional planning, training, and resources. While costs can be out of reach for some HOAs, pricing is more flexible than a lot of people think. Mobile patrol security in particular offers an excellent deterrent at a highly cost-effective price point.

If you are considering professional neighborhood security, we invite you to contact Signal 88 of Greater Philadelphia at (610) 489-1890. We offer free consultations to HOAs and provide neighborhood security in Philadelphia, Bensalem, King of Prussia, Fort Washington, Norristown, and other nearby communities.

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