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Outsource Security Services to Manage Nuisance Calls

Courtesy Patrol

With the increase in new apartment developments and the demand to hire onsite staff, property and leasing managers may wonder how they are going to fulfill all of their responsibilities including nuisance calls. Here’s where a private security company can help by answering and responding to nuisance calls from your community. A security company ensures there is always someone dedicated to handling the calls to keep your residents safe while providing you with peace of mind.

Answer and Respond to Nuisance Calls

If residents call because the fire alarm is going off in the hallway or to complain about a loud party a neighbor is hosting, you don’t want them to call your office only to reach voicemail or an automated system. A security company with an answering service is an extension of your staff to take nuisance and after-hours calls and make sure those calls are handled professionally and responded to quickly. This frees up the time for you and your staff so you can manage your other tasks and responsibilities.

Signal 88’s Courtesy Patrol Service

Courtesy patrol services are a cost-effective, flexible option for onsite security on your property. You specify the hours you want coverage. This can include having our live, US-based dispatch answer nuisance calls so you do not have to hire staff to handle these calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your residents will always reach a live person when they call. Because our officers are already onsite, they are the first to respond to calls and help resolve issues.

Real-time Reporting

Our cloud-based, proprietary security technology, 88 Edge, provides real-time reporting and communication so you have all the information on nuisance calls and other security issues at your fingertips during any time of the day. No waiting for an officer to get back to the office to file an incident report.

Hiring a private security company to manage your community’s nuisance calls is a great way to outsource responsibilities during times when you are short-staffed or having a difficult time finding qualified staff to hire. Signal 88 Security has the expertise to handle and respond to these types of calls. Responsiveness to calls improves which allows you to deliver high-quality service to your community and enhance resident satisfaction.

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