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Let a Security Company Handle Your Community’s After-Hours Calls

After-Hours Calls

As a community manager, you are well aware of the late night call from a resident complaining about a disruptive neighbor. Unfortunately, these calls are a part of the job. Have you considered hiring a company to take these overnight, nuisance calls? A professional security company is a great option that not only keeps your property and residents safe, but handles after-hours calls. The security company acts as your answering service, but unlike an answering service, security officers are on your property to be the first to respond.

Courtesy Patrol Service

A courtesy patrol service employs high visibility patrol vehicles in your community during the hours you specify. Security officers are onsite ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Signal 88’s officers are well-trained to be the eyes and ears for community managers when they are not on the property. We handle all calls when you are not there with our live, US-based dispatch. Because officers are already on your property, they respond quickly to help resolve issues. We even provide your residents with a magnet with our contact information so they know who to call after-hours if needed.

Cloud-Based, Real-Time Incident Reporting

88Edge is our cloud-based, proprietary technology that provides real-time incident reporting for community managers, including photos, video and GPS data. At any moment you can login to the client portal to see where the Signal 88 officer is on your property and read incident reports. There is no waiting until the officer is back in the office the next day to file a report. Officers even take photos if necessary to include in reports.

Real-time Reporting

Reports can be customized for your needs and provide full transparency allowing you to spot trends and address security problems before they become bigger problems.

Incident Reporting

Our courtesy patrol service is a cost-effective security solution for your community. Contact Jim Pio to learn more about how we can handle your after-hours calls and provide you with detailed incident reporting.

Signal 88 Security of Philadelphia is a world-class, industry-leading security services company for residential, commercial, retail, and institutional customers. We provide customized security solutions including roving vehicle patrols, door checks, pool lockups, and emergency response.

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