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3 Tips for Industrial Security in Milwaukee, WI

Industrial properties can be prime targets for theft and vandalism. Without the right personnel and systems in place, facilities leave themselves vulnerable to criminal acts. No one takes these threats more seriously than the team at Signal 88 of Milwaukee, WI. It’s why we’ve compiled the following short guide to effective industrial security. The following industrial security tips apply to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, cold storage buildings, telecom centers, and research centers in the Milwaukee area.

signal 88 providing industrial security in milwaukee

1. Understand Industrial Security Threats

If you own or operate an industrial facility, you need to be prepared for the different types of threats that your facility could be exposed to. Depending on the type of facility you operate, you will be at higher or lower risk for different criminal activities. Certain businesses and industries are subject to detailed security regulation. Most notably, facilities that handle certain chemicals must follow the Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards.

The most common threats faced by modern industrial properties in the Milwaukee area fall into the five categories below. Before planning security services, perform a detailed review of which of these threats you are most vulnerable to and which would be most damaging to your business.

  • Material theft
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Vandalism
  • Property damage
  • Onsite violence

2. Multi-Level Deterrence & Defense

The stakes are high when it comes to industrial security, and high-level protection is only possible when properties take a multi-tiered approach to their security needs. An otherwise adequate surveillance system won’t do much good without strong physical barriers. Meanwhile, strong physical barriers won’t do much good without onsite personnel to provide a visible deterrent to trespassers.

Owners of industrial properties in the Milwaukee area can protect their investment more effectively with a comprehensive industrial security plan that incorporates several layers of deterrence and defense. A strong industrial security system will include:

  • Perimeter control
  • Physical security presence
  • CCTV video surveillance
  • Modern alarm system
  • Magnetic locks
  • Card reader access system

3. Cost-Effective Industrial Security

Industrial properties generally have large footprints. A medium-sized site can occupy several acres of land, making it difficult to build a cost-effective security plan. Often, property owners neglect hiring security personnel as a way of saving costs. This, however, removes one of the strongest deterrents to criminal activity on industrial properties.

At Signal 88 of Milwaukee, we recommend the use of roving patrol security for high levels of deterrence without the high price tag. Roving patrols are less expensive than dedicated onsite security and are often the most effective security option for industrial properties. Randomized patrol schedules lower costs without providing opportunity for criminal elements. Meanwhile, vehicles provide a more noticeable visual deterrent and cover more ground than on-foot patrols.

For a detailed consultation on industrial security services, contact our team today. Signal 88 of Milwaukee, WI offers industrial security services for properties in West Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Allis, Greenfield, and the surrounding areas.

Call Signal 88 of Milwaukee, WI today at (844) 432-1511 for more information on our industrial security services.

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