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Security to Increase Along Riverfront

OMAHA, Neb. — Local law enforcement agencies are planning to increase security near the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge for summer events.

The city of Omaha wants to send the message that the riverfront is a safe place to have fun this summer.

“This is a destination spot, a major attraction of Omaha, so I’m all for the safer, the better,” said Leanne McCarron.

And to keep it safe, leaders are looking to install security cameras on the pedestrian bridge and in the plaza area.
Signal 88 Security is working with the city to patrol the bridge and riverfront.

“What we’ve tried to do is fill in the gaps and support the police department,” said Barry Dejong, general manager.

The security company provides a human presence after dark.

“We have an officer that patrols in a golf cart along the parkways, along the walkways and up by the bridge,” Dejong said.

A second officer patrols in a marked vehicle. Dejong said patrol officers make a difference.

“In addressing some of the homeless problem, young kids that are causing disturbances or being rowdy, intoxicated individuals and moving them along,” he said.

While the camera component on and around the pedestrian bridge is yet to happen, it’s got plenty of support.

“During the daytime, walking around, I see families, you know, I feel that adding cameras, especially for the evening times and night time, it could never hurt,” said McCarron.

“Things have obviously gone wrong around here in the past, so I think it would be a good idea,” Bryant Pasho said.
Brook Bench, Omaha Parks and Recreational director, said it’s highly likely cameras will be in place by the end of the summer.

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Article by: Tony Cornett – KETV 7 Omaha

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