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Keep Your Community’s Pool Safe and Secure

It’s pool season! While pools provide a great way for residents to relax, cool off and socialize during the summer months, they also present security and safety risks. If you manage a community pool it’s important to keep the swimming pool area safe for residents to enjoy.

Property managers play a key role in the day-to-day management, maintenance and operation of community swimming pools. From making sure the area is secure to keeping the pool clean to locking pool access at closing time, there is a lot of responsibility.

Know the Pool Rules

It’s important for a community to set and adopt rules for residents to follow in the pool area. This not only ensures the safety of residents and their visitors, but it reduces the community’s liability. Examples of rules include:

-A resident must accompany guests at all time.

-No running or diving.

-An adult must accompany children under the age of 12.

-No glass bottles or containers.

Prominently post rules and regulations in the pool area and enforce as needed.

Hire a Security Company

Swimming pools are often found on the outskirts of a property making them more difficult to supervise. Hiring a professional security company to monitor the pool helps to keep the area safe and secure 24 hours a day. In addition, a security company can perform routine checks during pool hours to enforce pool rules and be alerted of any issues that may arise during the day such as safety hazards or pool maintenance issues.

Many security companies, such as Signal 88 Security, offer a pool lockup service to confirm the pool is vacant at closing time and prevent entry to the area outside of pool hours. Officers will also check clubhouses and locker rooms during lockup each day.

Roving patrol security is a good security option to consider as well. Trained officers make rounds throughout the night to check your property including the pool area. You do not want rogue swimmers jumping the fence after hours and causing a disturbance!

After every shift Signal 88 sends property managers a comprehensive report highlighting any incidents, hazards or security concerns.

To learn more about our pool lockup service and other security solutions we offer, visit the website for Signal 88 Security of Lancaster and York or call us at 717-686-9588.

Signal 88 Security of Lancaster and York is a world-class, industry-leading security services company for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers. We provide customized security solutions including roving vehicle patrols, door checks, pool lockups, event security and emergency response.


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