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Create Peace of Mind with Roving Patrol Security

Roving Security Patrol Security Services

As a property manager you are responsible for entire communities and selecting the right security can be overwhelming. One in five people move out of apartment communities because of security issues so it is important for your property to have a security plan that makes residents feel safe. Roving patrol security employs high visibility patrol vehicles that demonstrate a strong visible deterrence on your property and provide residents with the peace of mind they deserve.

Why Roving Patrol Security is the Best Option

There are many reasons why you should consider this type of security for your property.

Visible Presence On-site

For security to be most effective, it is imperative that it is easily identifiable. A roving patrol with branded vehicles and flashing lights is a strong visible deterrence that lets the community know your property has on-site security.

Features of Roving Patrol Car

Randomized patrol tours are scheduled to move throughout the property to check on issues, complete assigned tasks such as pool lockups and parking violation checks and document incidents that occur on the property. Our officers are on your property to proactively address anything out of the ordinary and prevent issues before they occur.


A security plan that utilizes roving patrols increases the efficiency of the officer’s time on your property by eliminating idle time, officer distraction and fatigue. One of the downsides with stationary security posts is that it can be difficult for the officer to stay awake during the shift and be vigilant 100% of the time. With roving patrol security, an officer is constantly actively patrolling the property and not staying idle in one location. Therefore, they are more likely to see or hear potential security issues.

Quick Response Time

Our professional patrol officers are trained and ready to respond immediately and appropriately to incidents that occur on-site.

Because they are mobile they can respond quickly to emergencies that arise. It is much faster to respond in a car that an officer is already driving. This is a huge benefit to communities.

GPS Tracking

As a property manager you may wonder where the roving patrol is at any given time. This is why we use GPS to track the officer’s location so you know where your security personnel are at all times. Our officers use cutting-edge, proprietary technology to view tour instructions, check in at assigned locations and file detailed reports. This information is available to you anytime and anywhere.

Economical Cost

Roving patrol security is less expensive than you may think. It is typically a significant lower cost than a full-time, on-site security guard but still gives you a security presence all night long.

Signal 88 can help you design the best security plan for your property in York and Lancaster. We offer our clients the flexibility to customize programs to address all of their security concerns.

For more information on roving vehicle patrols and other security solutions, visit Signal 88 Security of York and Lancaster’s website or call us at 610-557-3379.

Signal 88 Security of York and Lancaster is a world-class, industry-leading security services company for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers. We provide customized security solutions including roving vehicle patrols, door checks, pool lockups, event security and emergency response.

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