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Signal 88 of York: What is Mobile Security?

mobile security in York

At Signal 88 of York, we know that choosing a security company is a big decision. Whether you are a property manager, a retail manager, or are responsible for the security of any other type of facility, the decision of which security company to choose is important. We are happy to answer your questions to help you choose the best service for your needs. One of the questions we answer most is, “What is mobile security?” If you’re considering security options for your facility, mobile security from Signal 88 of York offers one of the best options around.

Mobile security services provide a highly visible presence on your property via our branded patrol cars. When you choose our services, we’ll work with you to understand the needs of your property. How frequently should patrols be scheduled? Are there specific areas of the facility that need more attention? Have you experienced security concerns in the past that we need to be aware of today? Getting to know your company and your facilities helps us to understand how best to meet your needs. As we learn, we’ll be gathering the information needed to create a customized and randomized mobile patrol schedule for your facility.

Our mobile security plans incorporate:

  • Alter security personnel who are always on the move
  • GPS tracking of the officer’s location
  • Strong visual presence with marked cars, flashing lights, and more
  • Affordable rates
  • Quick response times
  • And more

Who can Benefit from Mobile Security Services?

At Signal 88 of York, you can count on our services to provide the comprehensive support your facility needs. Our services are ideal for:

  • Homeowners associations
  • Multi-family residential communities
  • Retail centers and stand alone retail stores
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Commercial buildings including warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Hotels
  • Government buildings
  • And more

No matter the type of facility you manage, you can count on our team to provide comprehensive reporting of our mobile security services. Our reports include photos of the areas we patrol and write ups of any incidents or suspicious activity. Reports are available the next business day for your review.

When the security of your facility matters, trust the professionals at Signal 88 of York. Call our office today at (717) 686-9588 to learn more about our mobile security services. We are proud to provide comprehensive security solutions in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Shippensburg, Gettysburg, and throughout the surrounding communities.