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Mobile Patrol Security

Our Innovative Mobile Patrol Model 

At Signal 88 Security, we employ high visibility patrol vehicles that demonstrate a strong visible deterrence on your property. Our patrol model can virtually eliminate the problems that are associated with stationary security posts.

Our flagship mobile patrol security model increases the efficiency of our officer’s time on your property by eliminating idle time, officer distraction, and fatigue. This will lead to more effective security because our officers will be 100% alert and able to respond at a moment’s notice. Our mobile patrols will be present on your property providing peace of mind for you, and your residents, employees, and customers.

What does our Mobile Patrol consist of? 

Our mobile security model is one where you help us determine the opportunities and issues on your property and what time frames they happen. We schedule randomized patrol tours to come on property checking for issues, completing assigned tasks, and being a highly visible presence for your residents, employees, customers, and deterrent to potential threats, documenting everything that occurs on your property in real-time for proper transparency.

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